The FULL heat Rich List 2016 - the 30 richest UK stars under 30!


Including: Rihanna’s £43k diamond manicures! Selena Gomez’s £400k tweets! Film star’s Mr Whippy van! And Harry Styles’ £100 ‘POO’ sign!

Celebrities and money: it’s a complicated old relationship. Some never earn much. Others blow it all on booze, haunted mansions and sheep placenta facials (we’re looking at you, One Direction).

However, many more young celebs – as our annual heat Rich List shows – have cut-throat business skills to make Alan Sugar proud, squirrelling away their riches until the tidal wave of interest comes flooding in.

We’ve ferreted through the dealings (that’ll be company accounts, album sales, movie deals, endorsements, money-spinning perfumes) of every major British star under the age of 30 and produced an estimate for each celeb’s wealth.

The result?

The UK’s most accurate estimate of showbiz wealth.

Which star squandered £100k jetting their girlfriend’s dog across the Atlantic? Who ate an entire Nando’s dry of chicken? And how much is Adele really worth?

It’s all here ... and we even made a HILARIOUS podcast about it with Jamie Laing, Joey Essex and Charlotte Crosby - listen HERE.

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Will’s come a long way since playing the freaky-eyebrowed teen bully in 2007’s Son of Rambow. Now, he stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston in high-grossing Hollywood flicks such as The Revenant and We’re The Millers, also fronting Marc Jacobs fashion campaigns.


£3.8m NEW ENTRY!

Music was never the real money-spinner for Alexandra, who coined it instead through endorsements for Dolce and Gabbana, Argos and Sure deodorant. Now a West End star, the nest-egg allows her to pursue her hobby: investing in Rolex watches.



Jack’s posh-boy persona is no lie: he attended a £24k-a-year public school, while his producer dad is reputedly worth £10m. But Jack’s wealthy in his own right, thanks to comedy tours and TV work. Minor roles in Frozen and Mother’s Day means his £2.6m Notting Hill pad is probably stocked with gold-leaf loo-roll.



He slept on park benches after Skins filming sessions, but five years on, Hollywood has a serious Jack O’Connell crush. Starring in the Angelina Jolie-directed Unbroken, 300: Rise of an Empire and Netflix drama Godless has earned him enough to buy a house for his mum and sister in his native Derby. Aah.


£5.3m NEW ENTRY!

Paid a measly £1 for warbling at 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony, Emeli’s debut Our Version of Events sold 4.6m copies, racking up more consecutive weeks in the Top 10 than any other record. The royalties, plus private gigs for Jaguar, has kept Emeli’s head above water for the past four years while recording long-overdue follow-up album (out next month).



Kevin JUST made it into the list this year, as he turned 30 just a week after the Rich List was published! His last arena tour shifted £12m worth of tickets, with the financially-savvy Glaswegian comic channeling profits (along with DVD and autobiography sales) through his Dip and Chip company. Kevin’s splashed out on a £1m townhouse and Loch Lomond boat, although he handed back a £280 coat after owning it for just 17 minutes. Why? It cost more than his mum’s weekly wages.

24/ LILY COLE, 28


Lily’s “social giving network” posted losses of £250,000 last year but her coffers are still healthy thanks to a lucrative modelling career and acting (Snow White and the Huntsman). She’s currently dating tech entrepreneur Kwame Ferreira, who has an (presumably pricey) “appetite for mid-16th century Nepalese paintings”.



Three albums in ten years is hardly a prodigious work ethic, but royalties (and global tours) means Paolo can indulge in his love of playing Xbox and going on “four-day benders” – something he’s prone to doing during his downtime.



He spent his About A Boy earnings on a bicycle (he was 12 at the time) but recent roles in blockbusters X Men: Apocalypse, Mad Max: Fury Road and forthcoming Rebel in the Rye means Nicholas can probably upgrade to a BMX now.

21/ RITA ORA, 25

£6.8m NEW ENTRY!

How she made it: By not singing. Rita’s only released one album and that was four years ago. Instead, money has poured in via TV work (a cool £1.5m for judging one X Factor season), film roles (50 Shades, Fast & Furious 6) and promoting everything from Marks & Spencer (£250,000) to Superga trainers (£180,000). She’s just landed a dream gig replacing Tyra Banks as host of America’s Next Top Model too. Platinum-selling albums? Who needs ‘em?

How she spends it: Rita’s fond of bling – think £43k diamond manicures – but she spends wisely too. She has her own company (Ora Multi Services) plus property in the UK and native Kosovo (including a £1.3m London pad for mum and dad). Next? Opening a florist, apparently. “I love flower arranging,” she says. “It’s so relaxing.”



Media mogul at 19, millionaire at 22, MBE at 25, the career of SB:TV (online youth channel) founder Jamal – who is, let us not forget, the son of 2005 X Factor finalist Brenda Edwards – has been as meteoric as the ever-increasing zeroes in his bank balance.

19/ JESSIE J, 28


A two-year legal battle forced Jessie to give 20 per cent of the £5m she earned from 2011’s Who You Are album to her ex-manager but she still makes bank managers happy through endless touring (especially in the Far East) and TV judging roles (last seen on The Voice Australia).

18/ JOSS STONE, 29


The Devon lungsmith’s fortune was dented after she paid an estimated £2m to free herself from her record contract in 2009. She’s now putting that bizarre Jamaican patois to good use by recording last year’s biggest-selling reggae album (in America) while spending her earnings attempting to play a charity concert in every country on Earth (all 195 of them).



Starring in the Kick-Ass films, Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron has earned Aaron a fair whack over the past few years. Married to 50 Shades director Sam (23 years his senior), the pair live with their two young kids in a five-storey £11m London townhouse.



The West Country glamazon doubled her fortune this year, scooping £6.85m over the past 12 months – not all of it coming from the catwalk. Rosie’s self-designed M&S lingerie line is the best-selling in the company’s history, while she can act too (Mad Max: Fury Road). Outgoings include a five-bedroom £8.4m Beverly Hills home (with fiancé Jason Statham) and presumably lots of Pedigree Chum – the pair own several pooches.



How she made it: Branching into acting has been a clever career move for caterpillar-browed Cara. She’s earned £6.5m over the last year, thanks to roles in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. Despite distancing herself from modelling, she recently signed a megabucks deal with Rimmel.

How she spends it: Thinking nothing of splurging £13k on Milan jewellery shopping sprees, Cara is generous too – buying ex-partner St Vincent a rare Bowie-signed guitar as a gift. And she’s too rich to itch, she once spent £6k flying a silky dressing gown to New York to be tested to check it wouldn’t make her sensitive skin flare up. She lives in a listed £2.95m London home.



How she made it: Her three albums have sold millions while this year’s Delirium world tour has grossed more than £5m. Then there’s her endorsements: MAC cosmetics, Pantene and Nike, while Ellie can also charge £122,000 for private gigs too.

How she spends it: “I’m still in university mode, living off £5 a day and never affording anything,” she says. Judging by her modest rider– just one kettle and a scented candle – she’s probably right.



His band, Mumford & Sons are worth £54m thanks to zillions of Americans going berserk for their banjo-heavy hoedown sound. As lead songwriter, Marcus (who looks like a Mormon Michael McIntyre) makes the most moolah, probably buying the odd combine harvester for the £2.75m organic farm in Devon he shares with actress wife Carey Mulligan.

12/ SAM SMITH, 24


How he made it: Although Sam’s career was given an almighty kickstart by his mum receiving an £800k pay-out from her City banking job, you can’t argue with the 8m sales of 2014 album In the Lonely Hour or the £2.3m he’s reportedly earned from touring.

How he spends it: Sam’s passions include clothes (£3,000 Burberry jackets) and apparently blowing thousands on ancient Egyptian artefacts for his recently-purchased London pad. He once also bought a £3k French bulldog, returning it to the pet shop a fortnight later after realising he “couldn’t handle it”.

11/ LITTLE MIX, 23-25

£24m (£6m each) NEW ENTRY!

How they made it: Little Mix headphones, a Primark clothing range, ‘Gold Magic’ fragrance, ad deals with Cornetto, McDonald’s and Schwarzkopf – Little Mix haven’t been shy on the sponsorship front. Last year’s Get Weird album was their best-selling yet (600,000 copies in the UK) while the accompanying tour grosses £500k per show.

How they spend it: Perrie bought a £1m nan-friendly bungalow in Surrey but Leigh-Anne is Little Mix’s real spendthrift diva, buying a £100k Jeep Black Hawk car, customised with its own fold-down vanity in the boot with beauty mirrors and a hairdryer.



Last seen in some French comedy called Moonwalkers (no, us neither), Rupert’s movie career may have faded like some Harry Potter vanishing spell but today he’s something of a property wizard. His Clay 10 company made £1.5m this year, possibly due to the estates he owns around London’s commuter belt. More dough to indulge his bizarre hobby collecting modes-of-transport – he’s got a hovercraft, Mr Whippy van and swan-shaped paddleboat.



Being 1/5th of the world’s richest ever boyband (no, it wasn’t A1) has left Louis with £33m. But unlike his bandmates – who all have solo deals – Louis has barely added to this figure. Reportedly forking out $15k (£11,500) a month in child support for son Freddie Reign eats into this stash, as does daft spends such as £6k room service blow-outs, squandering £100k jetting his girlfriend’s dog across the Atlantic and back, and £600 on a Jem+Bea diaper bag – a holdall for lugging around smelly nappies.



Since leaving 1D, Niall has traipsed across the globe following sporting events such as Australian Open tennis and the World Darts Championship (he even cropped up on the cover of Today’s Golfer magazine). About to unleash solo material, Niall has a five-bedroom £3m LA mansion, apparently haunted by the ghost of a Hollywood actress. He lives there alone. Brave boy.



Has been dipping into his 1D piggy-bank to woo girlfriend Cheryl with a “huge” diamond ring (apparently inspired by her bum tattoo) and lives like Scrooge McDuck in his £5.1m Surrey mansion, with its ballet studio and Harry Potter memorabilia (he spent a “six-figure” sum on the film’s flying car).



The Potter franchise grossed nearly £6bn. But Emma’s first leading role was 2015’s The Colony, which made £47 at the box office in its opening weekend. Does she care? Probably not. Her Potter fortune (combined with well-paid Chanel/Burberry deals) means she has enough lolly to star in arty flicks and take a “year off” to focus on feminism.



How he made it: His £33m 1D funds have been topped up by an advance from his rumoured £61m three-album solo deal. Now minus his flowing locks, Harry’s also making his acting debut in World War II epic Dunkirk.

How he spends it: Looking good is essential – Hazza has apparently splurged £23k on a designer watch and has blown thousands on £325 sheep placenta facials at a clinic in LA. He likes a solid roof over his head too – homes include a £3m London mansion (with Bond-style car lift) and £5.3m Hollywood abode, kitted out with knick-knackery as his £100k fine art collection, £20k Jesus Christ sculpture and £100 sign spelling the word ‘POO’.



How he made it: Being the first 1D member to go solo, means Zayn has leapfrogged past his pals in the earning stakes. Money has poured in from this year’s Pillowtalk single and Mind of Mine album as well as his streetwear label and ‘visual autobiography’ deal.

How he spends it: Zayn’s so generous, he may as well have a big sign on his head saying, “Look! Free Money Here!”. There’s the £280k home for his mum, £70k spent flying his family to LA for a holiday, £50k fairground-themed 21st-birthday party for then-fiancé, Perrie or the box at his beloved Bradford City football club so underprivileged kids can watch footie.



How he made it: The 8m-selling album X thrust Nice Guy Ed into the global spotlight. But the biggest cash avalanche was his £90.4m-grossing world tour, with Ed earning an estimated £63k from each show. Not bad for a former busker who once slept on Tube trains to save money.

How he spends it: He might claim to live on a £1,000 budget every month (it’d explain his thrift-shop clothes), but Ed does splash out. He spent £9m on his London pad (with music studio and wine cellar) and £2k shopping in Toys R Us last year.



How he made it: Already out-earning his parents at 12-years-old, Daniel had amassed £60m by the time the Potter franchise finished 10 years later (netting a rumoured £15m for the last film). Accounts show £9.8m passed through Gilmore Jacobs Ltd (the Essex-based company managing his assets) last year, probably thanks to Potter royalties and recent films.

How he spends it: Property. Along with his £730k London flat, Daniel owns three New York addresses, including a £3.5m penthouse, £4m townhouse and a £3m apartment. His one extravagance? Lavishing £13k on a custom-made mattress.

1/ ADELE, 28

£92m NEW #1!

How she made it: On last year’s heat Rich List, Adele was at #4, sitting atop a tidy £38m, helped by royalties from her two previous albums, 19 and 21.

Then came 25. Within 24 hours of lead single appearing, it smashed internet records, with 27.7m YouTube views (Adele: “I did a Kim Kardashian. Thank God it wasn't with my a*. It would've actually broke the Internet if it was my bum!'). Within a week it was the fastest-selling single since Elton’s Princess Di tribute Candle in the Wind while album 25 has since sold 20m copies with the Adele Live tour expected to gross $150m (£115m).

Last May she signed a £90m contract with Sony, the biggest ever record deal for a UK singer (her advance is estimated to be around £6m). The most mind-boggling thing is Adele could be even richer – she refuses to take on endorsement deals or put her music on streaming services. She’s now the UK’s richest ever female musician, nudging Enya into second-place – who’s probably consoling herself with some mystical pan-pipes right now.

How she spends it: Adele reckons the biggest change to her life is she now shops in Waitrose. Really, Adele? She’s got a new £6m LA mansion (where she plans to spend Xmas), two £5m+ London mews houses while son Angelo stomps around the turrets of his £15k playhouse. She also drives a £100k Porsche, hires Lady Gaga’s bodyguard for a supposed £70k a year and once spent £2m taking 20 pals to her friend’s week-long Ibiza hen do. Then there was the time she ordered pizza from her favourite London takeaway, despite being in Oxfordshire at the time. Long may she reign.

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