It's finally here! Say hello to heat's Rich List 2016

And say HELLO to this year's winner

Celebrities and money: it’s a complicated old relationship. Some never earn much. Others blow it all on booze, haunted mansions and sheep placenta facials (we’re looking at you, One Direction).

However, many more young celebs – as our annual Rich List shows – have cut-throat business skills to make Alan Sugar proud, squirrelling away their riches until the tidal wave of interest comes flooding in.

We’ve ferreted through the dealings (that’ll be company accounts, album sales, movie deals, endorsements, money-spinning perfumes) of every major British star under the age of 30 and produced an estimate for each celeb’s wealth.

The result?

The UK’s most accurate estimate of showbiz wealth.

Which star squandered £100k jetting their girlfriend’s dog across the Atlantic? Who ate an entire Nando’s dry of chicken? And how much is Adele worth? It’s all in this week's heat mag, on sale now.

But let us whet your appetite for the filthy rich with the stars that came out on top of heat's Rich List 2016.

3rd Richest UK Celeb Under 30 - ED SHEERAN

£45m - 25 years old

How he made it: The 8m-selling album thrust Nice Guy Ed into the global spotlight. But the biggest cash avalanche was his £90.4m-grossing world tour, with Ed earning an estimated £63k from each show. Not bad for a former busker who once slept on Tube trains to save money.

How he spends it: He might claim to live on a £1,000 budget every month (it’d explain his thrift-shop clothes), but Ed does splash out. He spent £9m on his London pad (with music studio and wine cellar) and £2k shopping in Toys R Us last year.

2nd Richest UK Celeb Under 30 - DANIEL RADCLIFFE

£74m - 27 years old

How he made it: Already out-earning his parents at 12-years-old, Daniel had amassed £60m by the time the Harry Potter franchise finished 10 years later (netting a rumoured £15m for the last film). Accounts show £9.8m passed through Gilmore Jacobs Ltd (the Essex-based company managing his assets) last year, probably thanks to Potter royalties and recent films.

How he spends it: Property. Along with his £730k London flat, Daniel owns three New York addresses, including a £3.5m penthouse, £4m townhouse and a £3m apartment. His one extravagance? Lavishing £13k on a custom-made mattress.

WINNER Richest UK Celebrity Under 30 - ADELE

£92m - 28 years old

NEW #1!

How she made it: On last year’s Rich List, Adele was at #4, sitting atop a tidy £38m, helped by royalties from her two previous albums, 19 and 21.

Then came 25. Within 24 hours of the lead single appearing, it smashed internet records with 27.7m YouTube views (Adele: “I did a Kim Kardashian. Thank God it wasn't with my a*. It would've actually broke the Internet if it was my bum!').

Within a week it was the fastest-selling single since Elton’s Princess Di tribute while album 25 has since sold 20m copies with the Adele Live tour expected to gross $150m (£115m).

Last May she signed a £90m contract with Sony, the biggest ever record deal for a UK singer (her advance is estimated to be around £6m). The most mind-boggling thing is Adele could be richer – she refuses to take on endorsement deals or put her music on streaming services. She’s now the UK’s richest ever female musician, nudging Enya into second-place – who’s probably consoling herself with some mystical pan-pipes right now.

How she spends it: Adele reckons the biggest change to her life is she now shops in Waitrose. Really, Adele? She’s got a new £6m LA mansion (where she plans to spend Xmas), two £5m+ London mews houses while son Angelo stomps around the turrets of his £15k playhouse. She also drives a £100k Porsche, hires Lady Gaga’s bodyguard for a supposed £70k a year and once spent £2m taking 20 pals to her friend’s week-long Ibiza hen do. Then there was the time she ordered pizza from her favourite London takeaway, despite being in Oxfordshire at the time. Long may she reign.

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