Is this Holly Hagan's new FOOTBALLER boyfriend?!

Look away now, Kyle...

It might feel like only yesterday that Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie called time on their relationship, but it’s been almost four months. Despite being together for three years and even getting some (questionable) tattoos for each other thanks to Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear, Hollyle (?) are no more.

And it looks like there’s absolutely no chance of a reunion considering that rumours are swirling about Holly’s relationship with someone new.

According to reports the former Geordie Shore star has been secretly dating a footballer and is falling head over heels for him – and you probs will too when you see who it is…

Holly is reportedly dating Motherwell FC player Jacob Blyth, with a source telling The Sun that she’s besotted by her new love.

They told the paper: “It’s early days but Holly is smitten with Jacob and it’s obvious he feels the same about her.

“They make a gorgeous couple and their mates think they’re perfect for each other.”

In this social media driven age, there’s one way to announce a new relationship – and that’s plastering your new beau all over your Instagram.

Which, naturally, Holly did earlier this week.


However, the source claims that she’s not keen on getting into a mega serious relationship at the moment and that the pair are taking things slowly.

“Holly doesn’t want to rush into anything with Jacob because she’s enjoying travelling around the world but there’s definitely a spark there,” the source says.

But the fact that Jacob joined Holly to celebrate her birthday earlier this week could suggest that things are getting serious…

In the mean time, Kyle is supposedly getting close to David Hasslehoff’s daughter, Hailey.

A source told The Sun they met at a party and just clicked, and have since been spending a lot of time together.

So the love bug isn't just infecting the Love Island lot.

Is anyone single anymore? No? Just us. K gr8.

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