Is Honey G about to collaborate with this MASSIVE STAR?


You heard us right. We STILL care about Honey G and ALWAYS WILL. Even though The X Factor finished like a month ago.

She's just bloody fantastic, isn't she?

So this latest piece of Honey G related goss has got us SO EXCITED.

(Read all about why we LOOOOVE Honey G HERE)

Because she might be teaming up with Missy Elliott for her next single.

We told ya – EXCITING.

(Hopefully this one will go better than The Honey G Show, which peaked at number 149 on the charts. Nightmare).

"I really want to start collaborating with some US hip-hop artists like Missy Elliott," she told the Daily Star Online.

"I really see collaborating with US hip-hop artist as the next step."


And she might actually have some luck – given that Snoop Dogg AND 50 Cent have previously said they're fans of her.

Snoop even said he'd be willing to "drop whatever he has on" in order to fly over and duet with her on the show (we WISH she'd got to the final lol).

He said to the Daily Star: "Straight up, you can tell Honey G comes from the streets."

If Simon doesn’t take her through to the live shows, she ain’t got to worry, I will work with her.

"I’ll fly her over here, and we can record a song together, maybe even shoot a video."

And 50 Cent said, according the The Mirror: "People be crazy saying Honey G's act is racist. For anybody who thinks a white person performing music of black origin is racist, you know they don't know what racism really is,"

"She is entertaining, and I guarantee there is not going to be a hip-hop artist in the world who is going to be offended by her, " he added.


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