HONEY G IS OUT :( Here are 12 reasons why we will miss her!

Let's all make some hot chocolate and be nice plz

The phrase 'Honey G' before the Summer of 2016 would've sounded like a pleasant breakfast cereal. Cheery, sweet and would make your morning tip-top, ruddy fantastic.

Then, in August, an actual lady named Honey G appeared at The X Factor auditions and blew us away with a her own song, which made the judges sing ‘G’ in response to her (almost) pitch perfect 'honey'. It was honestly magical.

Her journey to mainstream culture has been somewhat bumpy. Professor Green called her a disgrace to rap and Stephanie Pratt said she was rude.

There was even a petition to remove Honey G from The X Factor and it was completely LUDICROUS. This is a lady who dedicated her time putting on the best show she can for you on a Saturday night whilst you're at home in your pjs spooning ice cream into your gob.

Here are 12 reasons why Anna Georgette Guilford (that's her real name, BTW) was a TRUE ICON and we will miss her lots. Sob.

1) She started her own business

That is no easy feat. Honey utilised her passion, charisma and skill set and filled a gap in the market. And we thought the mandatory I’m a Celeb helicopter skydive was brave…

2) She worked in recruitment, which is basically another word for 'dream-maker'

You are helping people on their feet and giving them a job that could potentially change their life. Their dream job, perhaps? Their reason for breathing? The fire in their belly? Honey did that every day for people? A hero among us.

3) Honey then sacrificed her business for her dream

Honey always wanted to be a 'number 1 rap artist'. Whilst working for her recruitment company, we bet she looked out the window and wistfully thought: 'one day I could be star… maybe one day.' Most of us would just do that till we are 85, but NOT HONEY. Oh no. She went out and chased it like the last train ready to depart. We hope you're taking notes, kids.

4) She made a MASSIVE career change at 35

Recruitment to the 'realest chick in the game' proving it’s never too late to change direction. They should use Honey as a case study in career assemblies, tbh.

5) She is not afraid to say she is looking for love

F*ck waiting around all day for a man to approach you in Starbucks (or Tiger Tiger) Honey admitted she is actively looking for love and is on Tinder. You go get 'em Miss G. It’s 2016 after all. Grab life by the horns and riiiiiide it.

6) She loves sports

Her LinkedIn is practically BOASTING about how sporty she is. From Basketball to tennis champion, Honey helps remove the stigma of playing sports as a woman. Sport. Is. Cool.

7) She is not afraid of rocking edgy garmz

Honey likes wearing sunglasses indoors, even though no-one wears sunglasses indoors. Nobody. We think Mariah Carey used to, but now even she doesn’t bother. Yet, Honey doesn’t bat an eyelid (or at least, we don’t think she does) because she is comfortable doing her own thing.

And don’t even get us STARTED on her edgy outfits.


Look at her push those sartorial boundaries!

8) She ignores the hatazzzzz

A nationwide petition to get you off the show you've worked so damn hard for is enough to make anyone lie in a dark room blubbing. Kudos to Honey for putting a L sign out to the hate and staying strong. #f*ckdahataz

9) She will entertain the crowd even if it means sliding across the floor in leather trousers (and falling over a bit)

Her desire to put on a show and please the audience means no limits. She will do her best, even if her trousers are leathery and restricting. Have you ever attempted a squat in tight trousers? Bow down to your queen.

10) She believes in herself

Her confidence should be bottled up and sold for a small fortune in Harvey Nichols. Quotes like ‘There is definitely room for a new breakout artist, especially as unique as myself!’ and ‘come on guys, you gotta feel me!’ are jaw-droppingly brave. Especially when it's hard for us normal folk to receive a compliment about our new shoes without breaking into an embarrassed ‘oh but these are old and they are a bit scuffed and they're last season...’ waffle.

11) She managed to smile despite being pranked on stage

Imagine rapping your lil heart out on prime time TV to a M.C Hammer banger and someone appears on stage behind you and grabs your mic? The only tough man in sight is Simon and his protruding fuschia chest. Even Mr Nasty is not even nasty even more. Scary eh! But Honey carried on like a pro. The people's champ.

12) She showed us the importance of family time with Mummy G

She made sure her VT's were jam-packed with her dear mother hen. Who could forget the iconic scene of her rapping Snoop Dog whilst her mum was wearing a paper christmas hat, whilst playing the piano with a glass of fizz?

Honey G wasn't a joke X Factor contestant, she is a revolution. Someone knight the girl already!

We can't wait till her number one single.


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