The X Factor’s Honey G hits back at racism claims

Don't mess with the G

OK, we admit we're a teeeeny bit obsessed with Honey G.

Besides Justin Bieber - who's currently causing a stir wandering around north London playing football with school kids, renting a HUGE party mansion and rocking up to a pub in Essex for a pint of milk and some fish – she's probably our fave person in the world right now.

And we're not the only ones who can’t stop talking about the X Factor enigma that is Honey to the G ('when we say Honey, you say G').

There are rumours flying around that the rap sensation, whose real name is Anna Gilford, is actually an actor catfishing the show.


The resemblance is uncanny.

But not everyone is as pro Ms G as we are.

Some viewers have been criticising the public for keeping Honey G in the competition and some have even claimed The X Factor is fixed after the rapper survived the public again vote last weekend.

Other viewers have gone further and called Honey G out for cultural appropriation.

One person went as far as to claim: "Honey G's performance on X Factor was the rape of black culture".

Another tweeted: "[Honey G] is the worst form of cultural appropriation, her act is nothing short of racist and a mockery to everything hip-hop".


But what does Honey G have to say about all this?

The rap genius has hit back at this criticism and explains she has a BIG problem with being called racist, having been involved in rap her entire life.

"I find it quite insulting that people would think I am a novelty act but maybe people have a problem with a white woman rapping,” the X Factor star told The Sun.

Oooh, burn.

She continued: "Any claims about me being racist are completely false and ridiculous. I've been heavily influenced by rap and hip-hop culture and involved in it for a number of years.”

She then went on to describe herself as “the finished article” comparing herself to the likes of Pharrell and Jay Z.

Keep doing you, Honey G.

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