Does Jeremy McConnell’s cryptic Snapchat mean Steph Davis is in LABOUR?

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we saw Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell fall in love on Celebrity Big Brother?

The house has already been occupied by two batches of celebrity housemates since – and the current lot aren’t exactly having the time of their lives. Have you seen Stacy Francis’ reaction to being nominated this week?



But when Steph and Jez left the BB house we were absolutely hooked on their every move. They broke up and got back together approximately 49582030 times before finally calling it quits a few months later.

We made a full timeline of their love right here.

Then Steph dropped the pregnancy bombshell and claimed that Jez was one million per cent the father. But Jez has denied it several times, and has refused to be a part of the baby's life.

Considering that Steph is due to give birth pretty damn soon, fans are taking her social media silence as a sign that she might have secretly given birth already.

So when Jez posted this pic onto Snapchat, it OF COURSE added fuel to the fire.

Jez is jetting off to Thailand on a lad’s holiday, and captioned the snap “Waiting for u son” with three heart emojis.

What does that even mean? Is it a hint that Steph is in labour, or has already had the bubba? Is Jez referring to the son that Steph claims is his? Or does Jez happen to have a mate called Son, who is also joining him on his holiday? HMMMM??

An insider who spoke to The Sun doesn’t seem to think so.

They told the paper: “This is just another example of Jeremy trying to rile Stephanie.

“Even when she is hours away from giving birth, he can’t just do the right thing and show her even an ounce of support or respect.

“Perhaps he genuinely doesn’t believe he’s the father of the child – or perhaps he’s just in denial.”


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