Jeremy McConnell found guilty of attacking Stephanie Davis

The pair appeared in court today

Jeremy McConnell has been found guilty of attacking Stephanie Davis.

The pair appeared in Liverpool Magistrates’ Court today, where he faced charges of assault by beating, relating to an incident at Stephanie Davis’ home on March 9, 2017. Jeremy persistently denied these claims.

The Mirror reports that Judge Wendy Lloyd gave her verdict after retiring for just ten minutes, and she told the court: "This is a sad story, like many of this sort there is much emotion on both sides."

Stephanie is said to have cried while giving her testimony earlier, while Jeremy laughed behind the dock and yelled “lies”.

Steph has claimed that during the assault, Jeremy had a “psychotic episode”.

She told the court: “I heard him go over the gate and I thought ‘this is like a horror film’.

“He was booting my glass doors with his foot, and I thought the glass was going to shatter. I thought, ‘this is it, he’s going to kill me’.”

She also told how Jeremy had become convinced she was having a lesbian affair with her pregnant friend, and accused her of using a sex toy with other girls.

The Mirror also reports that there was an outburst in the court room when Stephanie said: “Jeremy is laughing at me in the court. Why are you laughing? You’re a blatant liar?”

“How can he do this to me? It’s the truth.”

He then reportedly replied: “I can’t help but laugh.”

Stephanie then apparently said: “He’s completely destroyed my life. It’s been the worse 18 months of my life”.

The Mirror reports that sentencing will take place on Friday.

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