Jesy Nelson uploads photo of her and Chris Clark SNOGGING

Little Mix-er and all-round sasspot Jesy Nelson is very much in lurrrrrve with TOWIE’s Chris Clark and let us all know in the most 2017 way ever - by uploading a Instagram post of the pair locking lips.

Jesy posted the photo to her 2.6 million followers and simply captioned the photo ‘9 hours later’.

In the photo she is sat on Chris’ lap which is a massive relationship milestone, especially if she’s anything like us and has to only put 40% of our weight on bae... in fear of crushing him half to death.

Chris Clark confirmed their romance three weeks ago after posting this adorable picture of them, with the caption 'I don't want this girl to go back to America tomorrow!'


The 25-year-old satsuma locked singer was engaged to Rixton lead singer Jake Roche which ended last November, so we are so happy that Jesy is happy. As happy as the Sun Baby from the Teletubbies, now you mention it.

The PDA snogging sesh comes after rumors that the Little Mix girls fell out over Jesy being cropped out of a group photo at an awards ceremony.



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