Jodie Marsh opens up about failed marriage to James Placido

Jodie Marsh left her husband James Placido after only eight months of marriage and now she's given us a clue as to what went wrong between them.

The weight lifting champion spoke to OK! Online and revealed there were warning signs right from the start of their relationship. She told the website about the first time they met: "The t**t I married, this should have been a warning sign, but the first night I met him, we swapped numbers, and we were texting that night.

Jodie and James split last year (CREDIT: Instagram/JodieMarsh)*

"It got to 9pm that night and he asked what I was doing, I replied: ‘I’m still working.

"He said: ‘What?! What do you mean working, who works at 9pm?!"

The 38-year-old continued: "He couldn’t believe I was still working. I told him I was running two businesses, and it never really stops.

"That should have been a warning sign in itself."

Jodie advises others not to even try dating... (CREDIT: Instagram/JodieMarsh)

And it seems the experience has left Jodie so disappointed by romance that she said her top dating tip was to just not bother with dating at all!

We hear ya!

She also added: "And never, ever give sex away too soon, because any guy that’s worth it will wait for you!"

And she gave more insight into what could have gone wrong with James as she explained: "I think sometimes, as women, we crave being in a relationship and being loved, that we can overlook some things that are lacking in our perfect guy.

James turned out not to be the one for Jodie (CREDIT: Instagram/JodieMarsh)*

"I’ve overlooked on things that are missing, because I was so keen to be in love, or in a relationship."

Maybe one day she'll tell the whole story...

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