Chloe Crowhurst and Jon Clark ARE BACK TOGETHER. FOR REALS.

We've got proof

TOWIE's Jon Clark and Chloe Crowhurst are back together DESPITE Chloe going on Love Island when they were appaz in a relationship and Jon not having the foggiest clue.

There is a hope for us all.

The pair got into a series of arguments after Chloe was dumped from the Island including when she went on a massive Twitter rant claiming Jon was abusive.

She wrote: 'You cheated on me numerous of times, then accused me to be the bitch, and try to make people feel sorry for you.'

'The reason I went on the show was to grow as a person, learn about myself and get away from someone who mentally abused me… I'm glad you're happy trying to make me feel worthless.'

And Jon's reply?

"Didn't take long did it… #GoAway."

Stick a fork in us, WE ARE DONE.

Now the pair have done a MASSIVE u-turn (a la Theresa May) and were spotted snogging in the ocean, with Chloe's legs wrapped around Jon's waist in one big massive declaration of LUST.


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