Justin Bieber sends FLIRTY message to a gym asking about one of their employees ;)

It goes down in the DMs...

What does Justin Bieber get up to when he's not ordering a pint of milk and salmon from an Essex pub, looking for a wife and being mistaken for Katy Perry?

He's putting more graft than Kem Cetinay and Marcel Somerville on the first week of Love Island combined, that's what.

'What do you mean?' You say. (And so does Justin, though admittedly a lot less now he's cancelled his Purpose tour.)

Justin Bieber casually DM'ed a quaint gym in Georgia after they posted a video of one of their employees Jess to Instagram.

The Sorry singer (WHO IS ANYTHING BUT) messaged 'who is that girl in ur latest post' followed by a single red heart.

'A FAKE!' You scoff! 'That's not the real JB, heatworld!' You banter! Oh, but Jess uploaded blue tick proof...

This is the video that caught JB's eye... ARE YOU READY?


Unfortunately for Beibs, Jess replied that she wasn't interested as she had 'everything she needs right here' and proceeded to upload three PDA-tastic selfies of her with her boyfriend.



Beibs, honestly, we have all been there. Chocolate ice cream and watching John Tucker Must Die on repeat, really helps.

What d'ya think of Justin's flirting skills, then? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, please.

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