Justin Bieber is apparently renting some sort of ‘party mansion’ in north London


Justin Bieber RN is just the gift that keeps on giving.

He became quite literally our favourite person in the world last week.

First he wandered around Amsterdam with a wig and a fake goatee (there are pics), then he wandered into a north London school to play football (there are pics), then he wandered around Epping Forest before wandering into a pub for a glass of milk and some fish (there are pics).

The aforementioned used glass is currently going on eBay for £65,900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did ask if we at heatworld could put in a bid, but it turns out we don’t have the budget for horrible old stinky milk glasses :(

Anyway, it looks like he REALLY liked playing football at that school – so much, in fact, he’s reportedly renting a £108k a month “party mansion” in the surrounding area.

Literally, can we come?

The house is said to have been built in 1910, be 24,000 sq ft, and have an outdoor pool, spa, tennis court and wine cellar

It also apparently has a bathroom made from 12 types of Italian marble, which is of course what everyone looks for in a house.

Aree Land, a partner at Knight Frank told the Daily Mail: "This is one of the capital’s most luxurious homes and offers state-of-the-art facilities including an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, tennis court, home cinema and wine cellar.

"Roads such as this continue to hold massive appeal amongst the rich and the famous, and this is one of the few areas in London to offer larger properties with huge, secluded gardens.

"The house also offers complete privacy, something essential for someone of Justin’s pop star standing."

How can we get an invite to this wonderful house?

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