Kanye West is no longer producing Rihanna's long-awaited album Anti

The rapper has pulled out to work on his own project

Another day and STILL no Rihanna album!

The singer's highly-anticipated eighth album Anti has still not been released despite multiple teasers and the small matter of a huge upcoming world tour, however, we do have a tiny piece of new information to get us through while we wait.

Kanye West, who announced he was executive producing the album at the 2015 Grammy Awards has pulled out of the project.

In an exchange with a fan on Instagram Rihanna wrote: "FYI Kanye is not EPing Anti!!! We’re both working on our own projects right now!"

She also had some sweet words for the fan, telling them: "I appreciate you so much! And I admire your ambition! Don't let anything hold you back!!! Thank you for the support."

Kanye is believed to be working on his new album Swish which thought to be being released next month in conjunction with his latest Yeezy fashion line.

Come onnnn guys we need an album from at least one of you!

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