Kieran Hayler reveals heartbreak over Katie Price split


Pity poor Kieran Hayler. He’s just been trying to live his life, having extra martial sex (or not this time – it’s all a bit confusing), due to that pesky sex addiction of his.

And when his actual wife, Katie Price, found out, not only did she tell the world, she also said she was moving on.

Oh, Kieran love.

And so Kieran, who is clearly the wronged party here (he just can’t help where he puts his penis! Sticking it in people is an addiction!), has apparently taken to Instagram to share his heartbreak.

Taking a screen grab of soon-to-be-ex-wife (probably) Pricey’s Twitter declaration that she was joining a dating app, Kieran appears to have taken a screen shot, covered it in broken heart emojis and posted it to his Instagram.

It’s basically his 4:44.

The post now seems to have been deleted but the Internet never forgets.

And let us not forget that as well as finding out that Kieran may or may not have had an affair, Katie is also dealing with her mother’s diagnosis with a terminal lung condition, and the fallout from a miscarriage.

“Onwards and upwards! The girls are telling me to get on Huggle. Gonna give it a go! It's my new approach,” the Loose Woman star announced on Twitter at the weekend.

If nothing else, we’ve got to admire her optimism.

Katie has been dogged by claims that her uncovering of Kieran’s alleged affair is suspiciously timed.

In August, she told the world that he’d been having a full-blown sexual affair with their nanny Nikki Brown and tweeted three broken heart emojis. And our hearts bled a little too.

But Nikki says it’s complete twaddle.

And Kieran at first denied it, then admitted to it.

At least we can be sure of one constant: never underestimate the Pricey.

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