Kim Kardashian fans are shocked after spotting 'white lines' on a table in her Snapchat

Can Kim do ANYTHING without getting trolled?

Kim Kardashian is probably the most famous person in the world… like, ever. She's so famous she can't even put North in her car seat or cook Kanye West dinner without getting called out online for something or other.

Her trolls are RELENTLESS. And it hasn't taken them long to call her out after spotting what they've described as a two "white lines" in the background of one of her snapchats, today.

One Twitter user wrote: "surely that isn't two lines in the background…", while another added, "someone said it's makeup powder, someone said it's 2 white lines on the table… guess we'll never know".

Hmmm. You know, it could just be the pattern on the marble table, guys?

Jheez, some people just can't let Kim live her life, can they?

Update: Kim has addressed the rumour on Twitter, which you can read below:

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