Kim Kardashian releases BIZARRE new Kimojis

But we secretly love them

Kim Kardashian has been laying low in the wake of the horrendous ordeal she suffered during Paris Fashion Week when she was robbed in her hotel room.

Her assistant updated Kim’s website yesterday with a note explaining that she’ll be helping to give fans lots of new stuff following the megastar’s decision to take a break from the spotlight for a while.

And we are a million percent behind Kim taking some much needed time off. But that doesn’t mean we won’t miss her, like, LOADS, while she’s away.

So for all of the Kimmy fans out there, we’ve got some good news. She might not be posting her usual glammed up selfies, but she has released some new KIMOJIs for you all to use and some of them are pretty raunchy. KIMAZING. And a tad weird.

The updated icons include the star in her ‘Got Milf?’ outfit, taking her legendary blacked out nelfie, and one of Kim squatting so bloody low that we finally understand how she manages to keep her behind so pert (and have booked ourselves onto a twerking course).

There’s a golden shovel, because obviously that’s the one emoji we’ve always wanted, and a hand covered in what looks like Wotsits.

Mmm, Wotsits.

She has also released a KIMOJI Family Pack which includes the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and her sisters are loving it.

"I’m so obsessed with the new KIMOJI Family Pack – it’s too good!" Kendall Jenner wrote on her website.

"They’re so realistic (like that mouthwatering burger) and all of the Halloween ones are so fun!"

We have to admit, the Halloween outfit ones DID give us a little bit of inspo for next weekend. That sexy Red Riding hood get up is on point.

Who are we kidding? It’s going to be the bin bag bat costume again.

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