Kim Kardashian hasn't spoken to Caitlyn Jenner in MONTHS

They're "taking a break" right now

If you haven't been keeping up with the Kardashians (see what we did there) then you might not be aware of the huge rift between Caitlyn Jenner and well, basically the entire family right now.

On the last few episodes of this season, we saw Kim, Kris and Kendall react to Caitlyn's autobiography, The Secrets of My Life. In it, she accuses Kris of pocketing all of their income, always knowing she was trans and bashes the Kardashian name as synonymous with "publicity stunt" (but like TRUUUUUU tho).

The season was filmed a couple of months ago, so if you were hoping Kim and Caitlyn had reconciled since their confrontation, you'll be sourly disappointed.

Kim spoke about their tension on The View, where she revealed that the two hadn't spoken for months and were "taking a break".

She revealed: "To say that I was shocked by putting some things out there that just weren't true or were hurtful when at the end of the day my mum and Caitlyn had a 25 year relationship. You've just got to have some respect for it."

Fear not though (we know you're TREMBLING), Kim is pretty sure the two will be fine in the end. Since they are, yano, FAMILY an everything she's convinced they'll be back on track after some time has passed.

Here's to hoping Caitlyn sets the record straight and all is resolved in Kardashian land, although that wouldn't make for great tele would it?


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