Kylie Jenner has shared her fave selfies of 2016

She had a lot to choose from

Kylie Jenner is an Instagram Princess.

We would say she’s the Queen, but that honour actually goes to Selena Gomez – did you know she had eight of the top ten most popular Instagram posts of the year? Crazy.

Kylie is definitely the heir to the throne, posting racy photoshoots, make-up free selfies and couple pics of her and Tyga all year round.

In true Kylie style, she’s ranked her selfies and chosen her favourite pics of the past year and there’s some good ones.

This selfie was just a week ago, so it must have been pretty bomb to make the cut for Best Selfies 2016. Ky is rocking her Lip Kit phone case and Kylie t-shirt with long black hair and bomber jacket. Can we also talk about that marble sink?

TBF this selfie is on point. The wet-look blonde hair, the eyeshadow, the matte lips and the Kylie phone case. WERK.

It’s not a selfie round-up without a half-naked pic with your boyfriend is it? Kylie looks like she’s either found some old-school (like 1920s level of old) gym kit or she’s wearing Yeezy Season 3.

This was the debut of Kylie’s rose gold hair and this pic is kinda low-key. We love her freckles too.

Even the minimal make-up free pics made the cut for best selfies of the year.

This selfie of Kylie as Christina Aguilera made the cut, which makes total sense considering the video of Kylie dancing as Xtina for Halloween is the most watched video on Instagram.

Of course Kylie had way more favourite selfies than these – she posted about 20 on her website, including her Coachella rainbow braids, her puppies, that time Kendall, Khloe and Kylie dressed up like older women (LOL) and The Great Gatsby dress she wore for her mum’s INSANE birthday party.

We also found out Kylie’s top nine most liked pictures on Instagram, and none of the selfies Kylie chose as her fave actually made it as her most liked pictures on Insta.


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