Kylie Jenner gives the lowdown on her family group chats

And also reveals what she has for breakfast

There are many, many, many ways in which the Kardashian family are nothing like us – but having a family group chat ain't one of them.

And what we wouldn't GIVE to be part of it.

And Kylie Jenner has given us the lowdown.

It turns out there are three that they use. THREE.

When speaking about her morning routine to Violet Grey: "First I read all my texts. I usually have a bunch because I have a lot of family members and we have a big family group chat. The main one is with my three older sisters, Kendall, and my mom. Then we have one with that group plus Scott, then we have a separate one with that group plus Rob."

We bet the one with Scott is liiiiiit.

(Sidenote: Poor Rob for not making the cut for the other two).

She also revealed what she eats for breakfast, which we're, for some reason, kinda fascinated by.

"I always make breakfast. I make eggs and rice and sausage. T (Tyga) actually put me on that because his mom always made him eggs and rice."

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