Lewis Bloor admits to cheating on Marnie Simpson but blames HER :O

He says she 'humiliated' him

Last month it was revealed that TOWIE's Lewis Bloor had cheated on his Geordie Shore girlfriend, Marnie Simpson, on Valentine's Day.

Marnie then revealed on Snapchat that Lewis had actually cheated on her before while they were on holiday together in Berlin.

Since then, Lewis and Marnie's ex and Geordie Shore co-star Aaron Chalmers had an epic Twitter fight (if you can call Lewis ranting about a charity boxing match between them and Aaron just kinda ignoring it while on a plane an epic Twitter fight).

Lewis had previously vowed to stay off social media for a while after issuing an apology to Marnie.

However, he has now spoken out and admitted to cheating on Marnie in Barcelona. But, plot twist: he's blaming it all on her.


He's apparently been saying he was driven to cheating on Marnie after she humiliated him by 'flirting' with an ex she bumped into.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: "We met this guy who was very good looking and I was standing there very observant, I could tell there was some kind of history as she was all over him and wouldn’t stop flirting.

"We got into the cab to go back to the hotel and Marnie’s mates started asking who he was and Marnie says, ‘Oh me and so-and-so have always had a thing.

"Marnie just really embarrassed and humiliated me on our beautiful holiday over this very, very handsome guy that she had history with."

Although Lewis claims he didn't cheat out of revenge, he explained he did feel 'emasculated' after seeing Marnie flirt with someone else.


According to The Mirror, Marnie has denied that she humiliated Lewis, saying: "I bumped into someone I had kissed prior to meeting Lewis and I was a little tipsy, by no means all over him.

"Maybe over friendly perhaps but certainly not all over him. I have never cheated, wouldn't cheat and didn't deserve to be cheated on for this."


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