Lewis Bloor wants to fight Aaron Chalmers after bizarre Twitter rant


Lewis Bloor has had an absolute shocker. It was recently revealed that he cheated on his girlfriend, Marnie Simpson, on Valentine's Day.

Marnie then went on a big Snapchat rant and explained she had loaned Lewis 'thousands' and also revealed he had cheated on her when they were on holiday in Barcelona.

Then Aaron Chalmers - Marnie's ex and Geordie Shore co-star - called him out on Twitter after Lewis posted a public apology to Marnie.

What a mare, eh?

And just when you think things couldn't get any worse for Lewis, people are saying he's embarrassed himself even further by launching a bizzare Twitter tirade against Aaron and trying to organise a fight with him. "For charity" apparently.

Lewis has since deleted a load of the tweets he directed at Aaron. But luckily for you, we were having our pre-dinner twitter scroll just in time and maganed to grab a cheeky screen shot.

As well as slinging a load of insults, Lewis asked Aaron if he'd be up for settling their differences once and for all, with a good ol' fashion fight.

He wrote: "Follow me if u we can sort something for charity @AaronCGShore ?"

How philanthropic, Lew.

And pretty much everyone's getting involved.

Aaron's Geordie Shore co-star, Marty McKenna wrote: "Imagine this fight man hahahhhh @AaronCGShore will take his head clean offffff!"

There was even talk at some point from Stephen Bear asking if him and Heavy D (who were in the CBB house with Lewis) could be ring girls.

And Lewis has said he'll let Scotty T choose the venue after he chimed in.

There's been no word form Aaron, who's apparently on a plane to Australia, but someone on his Twitter account has said: "As before Aaron is flying to Australia. He has no phone. He is happy to fight you in 10 days. For £20,000 if you have it."

JEEEEZ. We can barely keep up.


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