You won't believe what Liam Gallagher thinks A$AP Rocky's called


We're in this weird predicament where we don't quite know if we want Liam Gallagher to be our dad, boyfriend, brother or all of the above. Slightly concerning. But one thing's for sure, he sure as hell can't be our colleague here at heatworld if his latest gaffe's anything to go by.

See, the guy's obviously ridiculously cool and has his fancy clothing label and stuff; but he has no bloody idea who A$AP Rocky is. Like, to the point where he legit thinks he's called WhatsApp Ricky.


Chatting in the latest issue of GQ, Liam said: "My kids f*cking love grime music. Stormzy, Skepta – he seems pretty mad. I like him.

"They also like that bloke, WhatsApp Ricky. You know, the American geezer, stylish, funny, gold teeth." Then, when the interviewer somehow managed to keep composed and correct him, Liam replied: "Oh yeah, that’s the fella. WhatsApp Ricky. That’s a better fucking name anyway."


Obviously the internet's all over it, too. One Twitter user used a GIF to convey their thoughts:

While another claimed 'Liam Gallagher calling A$AP Rocky "WhatsApp Ricky" in an interview is the most brilliant thing I've heard all week':

And some joker properly took the piss via the medium of an Apple Music screenshot:

Liam Gallagher, you've won this week. Potentially month, tbh.

Oh, and if you fancy seeing 'WhatsApp Ricky' A$AP is playing with Skepta and BBK at their O2 Takeover on 27th August.


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