Liam Payne opens up about his and Cheryl’s age gap: ‘She doesn’t like to talk about it’

It got a little awkward

We’re guessing those of you who aren’t fans of Liam Payne are probably feeling VERY IRRITATED this week, because there’s a ridiculous amount of Liam news knocking around.

(We’re bloody loving it, just saying).

He released his single today, has been telling stories about nappies, opened up about not wanting to call his baby Bear etc etc.

And now he’s spoken for the first time about his and Cheryl’s 10-year age gap (she’s 33, he’s 23).

Liam was just 14 when he first auditioned for The X Factor, and Cheryl was a judge on the panel (you’ve probably seen the clip circulating Facebook).

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning, Grimmy said: "'Cause it is mad, like you auditioned for X Factor when she was a judge on X Factor."

Liam then replied: "Yeah but we don't want to talk about that. She doesn't like to talk about that."

"Okay, let's not talk about this," replied Grimmy. "Can we talk about this in private?"

Liam then said: "Yeah, okay."

Erm. Awkward…

Grimmy then asked if he'd consider being a judge on The X Factor, and listed all his successes, saying: "And you're only 12."

Liam laughed, adding: "She's going to be really offended that you called me 12 by the way."


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