Liam Payne's latest Instagram post has got us SO EXCITED


The whole entire world (pretty much) has got their beady eye on Liam Payne right now due to it being rumoured that his girlfriend, Cheryl, may or may not have had their baby.

But what we didn't expect to see while casually browsing Liam's Insta feed is a pic of him and actual Drake.

What is going on?

We're so jealous RN.

Loads of his followers took the pic to mean that he and Drake are going to collaborate. Which would literally be a dream come true.

One wrote: “If yall collaborate I’m gonna explode”, while another added “Collab! Collab!! Collab!!!” A third commenter wrote: “Waiting for the collab!(u both will sound awesome together!)”

We 1000000000% agree.

Drake was playing at the O2 last night, and Liam was in attendance (then apparently partied till about 2AM at Tape nightclub). Which may throw a bit of a spanner works of the Cheryl has already had her baby theory…

It appeared that Cheryl's Girls Aloud bandmates, Sarah Harding and Kimberly Walsh, just hinted at the news that she'd given birth.

Kimberly posted a pic of her and Chezza on Instagram with the caption: "Love this pic of me and Cheryl,' while Sarah captioned her montage: '#kissestothemissus #good #times."

And Sarah followed it up with a pic of her and Chez having a kiss while on tour, writing: "THAT kiss… #OldTimesSake #GA #110 #Tour"

Many fans have taken this to be an oh-so-subtle attempt at congratulating her without actually saying anything. Sneaky. One wrote: "@KimberleyJWalsh is this a sneaky way of saying Cheryl has just given birth @CherylOfficial" and another: "@KimberlyJWalsh subtle Miss Walsh very subtle."


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