Lindsay Lohan's been tweeting about Mean Girls 2 and inviting Beyoncé to her birthday


Fewer things give us as much joy as Lindsay Lohan on Twitter. Remember that time she live tweeted during the Brexit referendum? Or when she posted that pic of her and Ron Weasley?

She's the social media gift that keeps on giving.

Her latest offerings to the Twittersphere have got us particularly excited, as not only is she apparently planning a #squadgoals trip to Mykonos with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Beyoncé for her birthday, but Lindsay's also trying to get Emma Stone on board for a Mean Girls sequel.

Have all our Christmasses/birthdays/bat mitzvahs come at once?

In attempt to reunite the OG It Girl squad (laters, Taylor Swift and your wannabe girlgang compatriots), Lindsay reached out to old pals and Paris and Brit, inviting them to spend her birthday on the Greek Island. How very 2006.

Never one to leave anyone out/miss an opportunity to climb that illusive social ladder, she even extended to the invite to Queen B.

We're a big fan of that hashtag.

Then LiLo added more fuel to those Mean Girls sequel rumours, calling upon Emma to film a little movie titled Mean Girls 2.

(Yep. We know it already exists, but we don't quite have the heart to break it to her yet)

Lindsay has made absolutely no secret about the fact she's trying to make a Mean Girls revival, happen.

She previously revealed she's come up with a plot for the sequel.

Speaking to Mail Online, Lindsay said: "Mean Girls 2 would be great. It's something I've always [been] interested in doing, it has such a great cult following, it would be wonderful to do something else.

"All of us should have kids, like a Housewives of... And all my kids are from Africa. We've adopted them or something funny."

Never change, Lindsay hun.


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