LISTEN to Emma Watson sing in this Beauty and the Beast teaser

There are many things that have made us happy about 2017 already, and we’re only four days in.

Very high up in that list in Celebrity Big Brother. Can you even believe that Calum Best is in the house with his MUM?

Can you believe that Ray J – aka Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape partner – shaded Kanye West in his opening VT?

And can you REALLY believe that Speidi tricked us all into thinking they weren’t going in because their demands for fish and chips weren’t met?

Well you better believe it all because it all happened.

What a start to the year.

And now, as if we weren’t positively squealing enough from the last instalment of Beauty and the Beast news (watch the latest trailer where you can see Gaston in all his terrible, handsome glory), we’ve got another snippet that will have you beyond excited.

You ready?

For the first time EVER, we’ve heard Emma Watson singing.

The team decided to give us a tiny bit from the live action remake of the Disney classic and it’s heavenly.

We. Know.

The snippet is from Emma’s rendition of Something There.

It might only be thirty seconds long but it’s enough to give us goose bumps and want to create a bullet journal purely to count down the days until it’s at the cinema.

How good is that?

We can defo hear Emma’s very English voice in it too. And we dig.

It feels like eternity but you’ll be able to watch the film when it hits cinemas on 17th March.

In the meantime, we’ll just keep looking at these pics of Fred Sirieix from First Dates. Didn’t you hear? He has the six pack to end ALL six packs ever.

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