Little Mix's Leigh-Anne STORMS out of awkward interview


Getting probed about their exes appears to be getting a bit too much for Little Mix – it’s caused Leigh-Anne Pinnock to storm out mid interview.


The girls were chatting to Capital FM host Roman Kemp when he made the mistake of asking them about whether they’d given their previous lovers a heads up when writing their songs.

We all know that the entire world has been hooked onto EVERYTHING Perrie Edwards has said on the subject recently, given that her VERY famous ex boyf is Zayn Malik, and we’ve all been dying to hear her side of the story for a good year now.

We’ve heard his new beau Gigi Hadid throwing sneaky shade at the Little Mix lady, and we’ve heard bandmate Jesy Nelson apparently confirming what their new album is about, but what we haven’t really heard is Perrie’s side of the story.

And with lyrics like "I hope she gettin’ better sex/Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did babe," in their new song, Shout Out To My Ex, we’re all sitting listening like well-trained puppies.

However, when Roman asked the question that has undoubtedly been asked a gazillion times, he didn’t quite get the answer or reaction he was anticipating,

He asked the girls: "If you write a song like this do you have to speak to all exes? Clear that song with them?"

Following a pretty AWKWARD silence, Leigh-Anne whispers to Perrie and then appears to storm out of the studio in a rage, telling the DJ that the question was inappropriate.

"It just gets on my nerves when people as things like that. We’re not here to talk about exes," she fumed as she left.

Roman, looking all ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED’ then realises he’s been had when a choir bursts into the studio.


The girls had been part of a master prank played by Marvin Humes, fellow Dee-Jay (Kevin and Perry voice).

It’s not the first time they’ve been involved in a bit of radio trickery. Remember when they ‘stormed out’ of an interview with Australian DJ Jackie O and made her cry?

Mean or hilarious? We’ll let you decide.

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