Katie Price did NOT seem happy on Loose Women this morning

Poor hun

Katie Price was looking a bit miffed during an appearance on Loose Women after Stacey Soloman stole the show by fan-girling like crazy over Idina Menzel.

Stacey Soloman made her entrance in a big baby blue sparkly prom dress à la Princess Elsa (we were not taking style tips). She walked in booming the song from Frozen before sitting down flustered and giggling.

She gushed to Idina "I've been a fan ever since Rent, and Wicked and everything that you've done. I think you're incredible."

Katie felt compelled to snap at her "So are you gonna overtake the show now.. orrr?? Joking!" Bitch-ay.

Katie Price has made no secret of her popstar ambitions (remember Eurovision 2005, anyone?). Which could explain why she was quite so put out by all of it.

But it seemed like Stacey did have plans to steal the show afteral. Loose Women presenter Ruth Langsford managed to step on Katie's toes further by suggesting Idina and Stacey duet together.

The best part was possibly when Idina turned to Katie and said 'she's really good!'. We can feel the glare Katie probably shot her back and it BURNS.

There's one this we can say to Katie, and that is 'LET IT GOOOO'.

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