Louis Tomlinson sorted himself a pizza in the best way


One Direction and Pizza Hut are, quite possibly, our two favourite things in the world. Maybe even ahead of our parents and extended family. So it sort of goes without saying that Tommo's recent social media exchange with the restaurant's of interest to us.

To cut a long story short, Louis really wanted pizza at 10.37pm on a Thursday but couldn't be arsed leaving the house. His solution? To take advantage of the fact he's kind of a big deal and tweet Pizza Hut asking for one.

Some would argue there are more important world events to report, but we'd ask those people to reassess what they deem 'important' and imagine life without a) Louis and b) pizza.


So basically Louis - who's now back at his London pad - tweeted: 'any chance of a pizza please' complete with pizza and geeky-glasses emojis; adding 'you don't deliver to my house check dm's.'

A stressful situation, we're sure you'll agree.

Now obviously Louis' part of one of the biggest boybands the world ever did see and has one of those fancy Twitter verified blue ticks, so the Pizza Hut lot were on it faster than you can say 'Niall James Horan.'

Then, by 11.57pm that very same night, Louis was in posession of that pizza he so craved. Tweeting Pizza Hut delivery, he was all like: 'thank you so much for helping !!'

What are the chances we'll sort our dinner tonight doing the same thing? Bit of a long shot?

We're so glad we did that journalism degree, you know?


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