Love Island's Chloe and Jon Clark kiss and make up, AND she could be joining him on TOWIE :o

Well, that didn't take long…

Yesterday we brought you the news that TOWIE's Jon Clark and ex Islander Chloe Crowhurst were in the same club together on Tuesday night, after absolutely DESTROYING each other on social media.


Yep, their 7 month relationship came to a raaather dramatic end a few weeks ago, and in case you missed it (HOW?!) there's been quite a lot of beef with the pair ever since.

Essex lad Jon accused Chloe of jetting off to Love Island without telling him, calling her an "evil b*tch", and Chlo furiously denied the claims, obvs…

In fact, in a post on Twitter, she went as far to say that Jon "mentally abused her" and made her feel "worthless".

She added: "You cheated on me numerous of times, then accused me to be the bitch, and try to make people feel sorry for you." Eeeek.

So you might expect that vibes would be pretty rubbish between the two of them, right? But according to photos from their nightclub run in, they seemed to have forgiven each other sooner than you might think…

But believe it or not, the pair were caught kissing on a street the very same day that they exchanged angry tweets. We can't believe it either, tbh.

Chloe allegedly went on Love Island without telling Jon

There seemed like there was sooo much bad blood between them both, but according to The Sun, the pair are ALREADY back together, and there's even talk of the Love Island babe joining TOWIE :O

A source told them: “Jon and Chloe still have feelings for one another and are back together trying to work things out.

“Chloe was extremely popular with Love Island viewers and Towie bosses know she’d be a huge hit with audiences on the show, so she is already in talks to join the cast.”

Before their snogging sesh, Chloe and Jon were seen arguing in the street, with Jon waving his hands in the air dramatically, and Chlo crying on his shoulder.

Who knows how they managed to get over all of their drama so quickly? But we sure can't wait to see how this pans out…

Bring on The Only Way is Essex!!!

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