Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor have some big news

Maybe love isn't dead after all

It's not often we've been able to bring you good news about love of late.

If it's not the ending of the sure-fire love thing between Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex, it's Stephanie Davis saying that Jeremy McConnell doesn't deserve to be at the birth of their baby.

So HALLELUJAH for today's ray of sunshine.

Marnie Simpson has revealed that she and Lewis Bloor are still together, hooray!

Yep - despite deleting every trace of him from her Instagram account at the weekend, which is a very 2016 way of announcing that 'it's not me, it's you'.

"It's really tough because we live so far apart," Marnie said on Loose Women today.

"We had an argument and I deleted every picture of him on Instagram. I can be immature and I forget that everyone can see it."


"We're working through it. "

Well, that's good to hear. We'd be devastated if another Celebrity Big Brother relationship bit the dust (Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear - #gonetoosoon).

But how will Marnie cope going back to Geordie Shore? The show's essentially about bucking and Buckfast.

"We don't go on Geordie Shore to have sex," Marnie said, suggesting that Gary Beadle and Scott Timlin have both grasped the wrong end of the stick.

"I've tried it once in a relationship and it didn't end well. Who wants to be in a relationship when you're going out and getting drunk?"

Do you think she could be referring to Ricky Rayment? There's a strong chance. But Marnie is certain that she and Lewis won't have any such problems.

"I haven't cared about anyone as much as I've cared about Lewis, so I think it will be a breeze."

We think Marnie probably had a lot more to say but Saira Khan was more determined to tell Marnie about herself than let her speak so we will never know. What an interview technique.

Geordie Shore series 13 begins at 10pm on Tuesday 25 October on MTV.

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