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Mel B's family feud: "Stephen Belafonte isn't a bully"

Mel B isn’t the kind of woman to shy away from confrontation, they didn’t call her Scary Spice for nothing. We guess that’s why when it comes to family, she wants to stick up for her nearest and dearest, so it’s no surprise she’s decided to speak out against claims that her husband is a bully.

The former Spice Girl was said to be very upset when reports emerged that the singer’s mum Andrea and sister Danielle had had concerns about her marrying movie producer Stephen Belafonte.

However, in a recent interview Mel has stuck up for her hubby claiming that he comes first in her life, and that he didn’t bully her into losing weight after the birth of their daughter Madison. Mel says,

"Stephen is a great husband and a great father. I've always been very self-sufficient - in high times and low times. The difference is that I am reliant on Stephen and he's reliant on me and I've never been like that before. I trust him 100% with my life…I love my family - simple as that - but my own family come first, completely. Stephen comes first with my kids, completely…People are always going to judge what they don't understand or know about, and I think [my sister and mother] are obviously very unhappy and I feel sorry for [them].”

Mel has recently been fronting a healthy weight loss campaign and so has transformed her body, post pregnancy, into a temple. In other words, we feel very guilty for all of that pizza and wine last night. However it was then suggested that Stephen bullied Mel into losing the weight, to which Mel replied,

"Not at all. He always says it's been like having three different women with me - he's been with me when I was totally ripped, when I was huge and when I'm just a bit more curvy like I am now."

Mel B and Mel C and Geri Halliwell
We suppose it must be hard when your family and hubby aren’t getting on. Sister Danielle revealed her and her mother’s concerns about Stephen earlier this month, saying,

"[We] had concerns about her husband Stephen. Ever since we expressed those concerns, we've not heard anything from her. I just hope I will speak to Melanie again because she's my only sister…I miss her and my nieces ridiculously. It hurts... I don't have her number, I don't know where she lives - I wouldn't know how to get in touch with her."

Well hopefully they can sort out the spat, we’re still reeling from Geri’s departure from the Spice Girls all those years ago…We don’t think we can take anymore Spice related upset.

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