Did Mel C just throw MASSIVE shade at the Spice Girls?

Hmmmm ....

Did Mel C just throw MASSIVE shade at the Spice Girls?

Since we got wind of a Spice Girls reunion many months ago, we have been DYING to see the iconic fivesome get their act together onstage.

We know they did a quick stint for the Olympics – which should by no means be overlooked because millions of twentysomethings were transported back in time and it was literally life changing.

Genuinely. Why else would there be a sudden revival of all things 90s style? Single-handedly down to that performance.


And when news hit that three out of five would be getting back together to form GEM, it was a moment of sheer joy.

Has Geri kept her union jack dress just incase? Will Emma revert to her trademark pigtails? And PLEASE to all higher powers can Mel B don this hairstyle again because it is the ultimate 90s hair goals and we LOVE IT.

But, the happiness was tinged with sadness as Mel C and Victoria Beckham confirmed they wouldn't be a part of it.

Cry face.

And since that revelation, Mel C has had QUITE the probing to talk about why she's not participating.

During a Facebook Live with The Sun's Dan Wootton, Mel C said: "I do have mixed feelings about it. The Spice Girls to me is like a jigsaw puzzle. If there's a piece missing, it's not complete. If there's only three of them, is it really the Spice Girls?"

OUCH. Was that some serious shade she just sent lingering over to her old bandmates?

It's not the first time the singer has discussed why she won't reunite with the group. She has previously said that marking their 20th anniversary wasn't something she "felt comfortable with" and that it wouldn't be right for her right now.

However, following Geri's pregnancy announcement Mel has said that the girls are no longer 'feuding' over the reunion.

GOOD. Because we hate fights. Girl power 4eva.

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