Miley Cyrus just reacted to Liam Hemsworth uploading a picture of her in the most relatable way


If you follow Liam Hemsworth on Instagram, you might have noticed he recently posted a super adorbz couples photo of him and his fiancée Miley Cyrus online, captioned 'my angel and I'…

We know, how cute?! (Like, vomit inducingly cute.)

But rather than reply with a romantic message of her own, Miley did the most relatable thing EVER, and simply commented, "Why. This. Picture lol"

We've all been there Miley. We've all been there…

You know those times when your mate uploads a picture of the two of you together and you'd literally rather the ground swallow you up than face the fact that all their followers are going to see it? Yeah, pretty much that. Except Liam has a whopping 9 million followers on Instagram who are going to catch a glimpse of the photo – no biggie!

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After facing the inevitable fact that looooads of people had already seen the picture Liam uploaded, Miley took her temper tantrum one step further in a bid to make her point, and uploaded a screenshot of the photo and her comment on her own Insta account, with the caption 'why'…

LOL. I think you've certainly put your message across, Miley, hun.

If it makes you feel any better, the photo still got thousands of likes, and even your Disney pal Demi Lovato dropped you a comment to say it wasn't that bad.

"Wait this is so cute," she wrote.

We agree, Demi.

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