Here's what Big Brother 7's Nikki Grahame's up to now


Big Brother 7 will always be remembered fondly - we reckon it's a strong contender for the best Big Brother ever.

It was the year of the famous Nikki Grahame tantrums (WHO IS SHE?!), Glyn boiled an egg for the very first time, the word babe became srsly overused, and Grace and Mikey became a couple (who are STILL together btw).

So who is Nikki Grahame?

Nikki was born in Watford, England, and rose to fame after entering the Big Brother house for series 7 where she came in 5th place.

How old is Nikki Grahame now?

Nikki is 35

What has Nikki been doing since Big Brother?

After the initial Big Brother, she was given her own reality show, Princess Nikki, but it is safe to say this flopped as it was discontinued after six episodes.

Nikki has also been back on Big Brother FOUR times – the original time in 2006, Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, as a 'time warp' housemate in 2015, and Canadian Big Brother last year..

And there are ACTUALLY rumours she could return to Big Brother this year (2017) for the FIFTH time.

What happened to Nikki and Pete Bennett?

When they initially left the Big Brother house Pete broke up with Nikki for being too high maintenance.

However, they are not on bad terms and have been pictured on a night out in Brighton.


Has Nikki Grahame found a new boyfriend?

Back in 2015 Nikki moved out to Paris after falling in love with a French man.

She enjoyed living the simple life in France learning French and working at the Hard Rock Café.

Where is Nikki Grahame now?

According to her Instagram, Nikki is living between London and Toronto.

After exiting the Big Brother house she was known to have bought a house in London with a concierge and 24 hr gym - which she may still be living in.

Is Nikki Grahame on Twitter and Instagram?

Her Instagram is @nikkigrahameofficial

Her Twitter is @NikkiGrahame

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