14 times North West was a sassy Kardashian Kween


Every so often there's a new celeb on the block that comes along and makes our lives seem mundane, pointless and just a bit tragic. We want to copy their style, ooze their sassiness and hang out with all their A-List mates.

Admittedly, we’re no stranger to a case of life-envy, and who doesn't get jealous of some new young, successful whipper-snapper on the scene? But we've never been jealous of an actual 4-year-old before. Until now.

We are, of course, talking about trend-setter and all-round mega babe North West. We took a little look at some of her most diva-esque moments.

When North West turned her time out into a spa day

Only North West would have the sassy audacity to turn being told off into a time for relaxation, self-reflection and zen. Why do we get the feeling she already knows her way around a luxury spa?

When North wore Kim Kardashian's Balenciaga boots better than her

We're about 37 times (not actually) older than North and we're still unable to rock a pair of heeled thigh-highs quite like the toddler.

When North had a night out with Kim and Ariana Grande

Seriously? Suddenly our night out at the local pub with the two friends we haven't scared away yet doesn't sound so appealing anymore.

When she gave Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money

Again. Will we ever be as cool or satorially savvy as 4-year-old North West.

When North and Kim K wore matching outfits

Absolute dream team.

When North gave Khloe Kardashian a make-over

OK. Now can you give us a make-over please, North?

When North and Penelope became real-life mermaids

Isn't it secretly everyone's dream to be a mermaid?

When she was the cutest little skunk ever

Of course only North West could pull off dressing up as a skunk and look bloody adorable in the process.

When North tweet from Kim's account

Being a social media pro is basically the first rule in the Sass Queen guidebook, and North's already got Twitter sussed.

She'll probably be on our heat's 100 hottest influencers list by this time next year.

When North gave her baby brother side-eye

Anyone with younger siblings will 100% be with North on this one.

When North West became a meme (actually about 15295324 memes)

You know you've made it when they turn your face into an actual meme.

When North got her own character in Kim Kardashian's game

And then when they turn you into a computer game character it's probably safe to say you're a full-blown superstar.

When North and Kim made the best faceswap ever

Actual mother-daughter Snapchat goals.

When she literally wasn't fussed by Disney Land

When you're an international style icon and global internet sensation, trips to the best theme park in the world just seem so trivial, don't they?


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