Love Island's Olivia Buckland WON'T invite Malin Andersson to her wedding :(

Olivia Buckland and Malin Andersson were once best pals, but as with many reality TV friendships, it didn’t last long.

The girls had a VERY public spat on Twitter and have been sworn enemies ever since.

But now Olivia has dealt the ultimate blow, claiming she WON’T invite Malin to her wedding to tattooed star Alex Bowen.


When asked about the possibility of sending an invite, Olivia responded, “Oh no, no. She’s not invited. But I don’t think she’s bothered so that’s fine for both of us.”

Instead of former friends, Olivia is far more focussed on which celebs and pals she WILL invite.

When quizzed if Caroline Flack would attend, she told Now magazine, "Yes she will! Iain [Stirling] off Love Island is coming too.”

While the girls no longer talk, they did have an awkward encounter earlier this year at a charity event.

Malin recalled, “They were about to get in my taxi, which I’d pre-booked. My friend told them: ‘Sorry this is our taxi’ Olivia just said ‘okay’ and scuttled off like a little coward.

“They just wanted a few retweets, I guess. Bless them. It was unnecessary, they probably want a bit of publicity.”

Oh dear…

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