One of the original Gogglebox families has QUIT

Goodbye :(

Gogglebox gives us life. Who would have thought that watching other people watching the telly would be SO GOOD?

Thanks to the novel concept, our lives have been blessed with the absolutely bonkers Sandra and Sandy, the downright hilarious Scarlett Moffatt, and some serious relationship goals thanks to June and Leon.


So when we heard the frankly TERRIBLE news that one of the original families quit the show, we were pretty devo.

Noticed that there are a few new faces in the series these days, and that Steph and Dom have had far less – actually make that zero – airtime?

Yes, folks. The boozy couple who we have watched bickering and belly laughing for three years are stepping away from the show so that other people can have their chance to shine.

Talking to The Sun Online, Steph and Dom said: “We think it’s important that everyone gets their chance to be on Gogglebox and give their opinion,”

The posh pair have given us a TONNE of laughs over the years – remember when they had their own spinoff with Nigel Farage? Or when they got pissed on This Morning with Phil and Holly?

Never forget.

We’ll miss these two but we are pretty excited to see what becomes of newbies Mary and Marina. They’re fast becoming show favourites thanks to their gorgeous Bristolian accents, cheeky chat and penchant for a glass of bubbly.

Gals after our own hearts.

In other absolutely SHOCKING news, Justin Bieber has decided to get his very own party mansion in none other than LONDON. Yes, you heard correctly, the Biebs must have loved the milk so much last week that he’s decided to get settled on this side of the pond.

And the glass from which his very famous lips drank is now worth almost £70,000.

Yes, really.

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