We're SHOOK over Paris Hilton's new look

Buh-bye blonde

Have you noticed that celebrities seem change their hair more than they change their designer clothes?

From brunette, to blonde via green, pink and even yellow, we've lost track of all the different do's the Kardashian-Jenner clan have showcased over the years, and we'll probably never forget the iconic red and blonde stripes Lindsay Lohan dabbled with circa 2003 (we genuinely asked our hairdresser to recreate the Freaky Friday look).

But throughout all these transitions through the hair colour spectrum, Paris Hilton's signature blonde tresses were our security blanket. We felt safe in the knowledge that while the Miley Cyrus's and Katy Perry's of the world were transforming their looks faster than a Britain's Got Talent quick change act, Paris would still be rocking the oversized sunglasses, Juicy Couture trackie, complete with a golden blonde head of hair.

ALAS, everything we've ever known to be true is a farce and a sham and we don't know what's real anymore.


At least she's still rocking her trademark teeny-tiny dog accessory.

Tbf, Paris looks bloody great as a brunette, but the internet doesn't really know what to make of this surprising transformation.

One person wrote: "Paris Hilton is a brunette and basically that means nothing is sacred."

Another said: "Paris Hilton went brunette I think I'm having a heart attack."

But someone brought up an interesting point. Maybe this new look is all just an elaborate (literally the least elaborate) disguise and Paris is actually a spy.

And then this Twitter user summed up our thoughts exactly.

In the words of the OG socialite herself, 'that's hot'.


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