Pete Bennett getting a divorce after just six months

Big Brother winner Pete Bennett is getting a divorce after being married for less than six months.

The bouncy housemate announced the news on his Facebook page, assuring fans that him and Cherry Gemma are still "bezzy friends". Pete and Gemma (or Cherry, as she prefers to be known) got together just after he broke up with fellow BB housemate Nikki Grahame and the pair first married at Glastonbury Festival before doing it properly on TV reality show Celebrity Four Weddings.

According to the lovely heatworld user who alerted us to this news, Pete has also been spotted spending a lot of time with another ex-Big Brother housemate, Australian Sara from BB9.

It's not known at this time if the pair are seeing each other, but knowing Pete's appeal he won't be single for very long.

Maybe he'll find a new girlfriend when he hopefully goes back into BB this year to compete for the title of Ultimate Housemate...

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