Has Pete Wicks betrayed Megan McKenna AGAIN?

Spoiler: depends on your point of view

Pete Wicks' footing with Megan McKenna is probably best described as pretty precarious right now.

He's made no secret of wanting to make things up with his (ex?) girlfriend, whereas Megan has deleted every trace of his face from her Instagram account.

His wrist remains however, which could be seen as cause for hope.

But has Pete thrown even that sliver of future possibility down the drain?

Could be.

Pete has taken to Twitter to wish Mike Hassini a happy birthday. WE KNOW.

Mike, the man who called Megan a "slag" in the last series of TOWIE for having the temerity to be in a photo with men. Men who were her friends but who, essentially, were not Pete. What a harlot.

Pete and Mike squared up about it in that delightful reality TV way of at least one party having their hands behind their back at all times to indict that if fisticuffs begin, it wasn't their doing.

And sure, Mike may have made a grudging apology before the series was out, accepted with an equal measure of grudge by the wounded parties, but will Megan be pleased to see Pete's cordiality towards her arch nemesis? One of them anyway.

We doubt it.

Hang on – we've just remembered that Megan has Pete's Twitter and Instagram account on her phone, presumably so she can check he's not sending textual messages to other women, so maybe she sent Mike the birthday message.


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