Peter Andre's Mrs Brown's Boys appearance is going to be DIRTY

You best be ready

We love a good bit of Peter Andre (who doesn't?) so you'll be pleased to know that the singer-turned-telly-presenter-turned-reality-star will be appearing on All Round To Mrs Browns Boys on Saturday night and we've heard it's going to be hella X-RATED.

How exciting.

As well as revealing all about family life and his new role in a spooky horror film, we can all look forward to a very cheeky Pete as he charms Mrs Brown with his rude jokes, dry humping and euphemisms about an 'Australian bush'.

During the show, Pete even reportedly PRETENDS TO HAVE SEX with the famous nana, who goes on to joke about 'nearly dying' from the shock. Oi-oi.


Pete then jokes: "If you’d died doing it, you’d have ‘come’ and gone at the same time."


Earlier this week Pete announced that he had bagged a part in an LA horror film.

He’ll start filming in America next year on thriller movie, The Undoing, and he even shared a pic of him holding the script on Instagram.

He wrote: “Finally. I’ve received (after months of talks) my first ever film script. Start filming in LA next year, and…it’s a damn big part…. wahoo.!

“I’ve only waited 44 years. @jhickox I’ll see you soon brother. Told you I had big fish to fry.”

The Undoing is said to be about a group of TV ghost hunters who stumble on a REAL LIFE haunting. SpOoOoOoOky.

"When a group of sceptical TV ghost hunters stumble upon a real haunting, they think they have hit the jackpot to prove the paranormal does exist.

“With an eminent scientist in tow, they unleash a horror of such magnitude that only the lucky ones are systematically and brutally murdered.”

Is it just us, or does this film sound absolutely bloody fantastic?


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