Is this the REAL reason Ray J left Celebrity Big Brother?


Another day, another Celebrity Big Brother scandal.

Are we the only ones feeling like that during the All Stars series?


The show was accused of bullying on the first day, homophobia on the second and the dramz has literally not stopped since.

But it reached peak last night when we learnt that Ray J – who we’ve done some real deep digging on right here – left the house.


He was our actual favourite when he started. He was chipper, funny, everyone loved him and he seemed to be getting on famously with all the housemates.

But over the last few days, viewers have rarely seen the singer who was reportedly being paid A MILLION POUNDS to appear on the show.

Ray J has been caught intermittently on camera sleeping his days away.

And when Rylan Clark-Neal revealed on Big Brother’s Big On The Side that he had in fact waved goodbye to the house, our jaws were actually on the floor.

Why, Ray J? WHY?

Well, this could be why.

Apparently, he was suffering with a tooth abscess and was permitted to leave in order to visit a dentist.

However, reports suggest that Ray J is now not allowed back into the house AT ALL following his hospital trip.

He had tweeted: “I was having so much fun! – still waiting to go back in – fingers crossed!”

But it’s not going to happen, as Ray J had a Facetime interview with TMZ and said: “I have a bad tooth problem and I've been doing this show Big Brother in London and I've been complaining about my tooth for about three and a half days now.

“It got to the point where some of the housemates felt like I was being ignored, we took petitions to say "We're not doing any more tasks until Ray J's tooth gets fixed.”

He also claimed that he would sue if he wasn’t allowed back in.

heatworld has reached out to Big Brother for a comment.

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