Ricky Rayment goes IN on Marnie Simpson

She doesn't hold back in her new autobiography

Remember in 2015 when Ricky Rayment proposed to Marnie Simpson after six months of dating?

LOL, we do.

It's all come back up to bite Ricky with the release of Marnie's new autobiography, Stripped Bare, where she claims that she was squirming when he proposed on Geordie Shore.

APAZ, despite the huge display of emotions (there were bamboo firelights that spelt out "marry me" on the beach...) Ricky was super moody and unkind behind the scenes.

Marnie even had a full breakdown before accepting Ricky's proposal, running off crying before finally saying yes! Doesn't sound like the best start to an engagement...

Just weeks after their engagement, they broke up, and it sounds like it was anything but amicable as supposedly the police were called.

Marnie reveals all in her book, saying: "Ricky was very good at these full-on displays of affection.

"But in private, he was impatient, moody and at times very unkind. He was never physically violent but he was violent with his words. In one argument he picked up my dog in his doggie-bag and lobbed him at me."

What does Ricky have to say about this? Not much, really, since he hasn't even read the book.

He told Bizarre: "I haven’t read it. We’ve moved on, I’ve moved on. I don’t think anyone is very complementary about their exes.

"She’s selling books, so if it’s nice and happy no one’s going to buy it. I don’t know what’s been written."

He ended his comment with a little snub, saying: "I don’t need to comment on nonsense."

So, was it all nonsense? Is Ricky just trying to avoid talking about the dog incident? More importantly, WAS THE DOG OK??

Hopefully Marnie will have better luck on her new dating show, Single AF, although we won't hold our breath.


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