Hurry and release your album, RiRi


Rihanna is doing a new song – with Florence Welch!

We LIKE these two together. A lot

The ball is really starting to roll in the build-up to Rihanna’s new album coming out.

And the best clue to date? RiRi has just registered a new song – featuring none other than Florence Welch. YES PLEASE.

The song, registered as A Night, credits Rihanna as the first writer and Florence as a contributing writer.

We can just picture these two hangings out in long, floaty gowns, writing songs and making sweet, sweet music together.

Although there’s the big possibility that RiRi may have just sampled one of Flo’s tracks – possible Flo’s 2011 track Only If For A Night – but you never know. We’re sticking to the image of the floaty gowns and intense song-writing sessions.

So, what’s happening with Rihanna’s new album? After loads of rumours, it seems that R8 will MOST PROBABLY be coming out this year – though we’ve not had confirmation yet.

We’ll wait until we hear it from the horse’s mouth, as Rihanna tweeted in November:

Not that we’re calling Rihanna a horse, mind.

We've missed you, RiRi

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