Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan got really weird matching Big Brother tattoos

Oh dear

Hey guys, did you know that regular Big Brother finished less than THREE MONTHS AGO?

We know, we feel like it was on in about 1997 too.

SO MUCH has happened since then – Stephen Bear, Bake Off dissolution, Brangelina split, Stephen Bear, Hiddlesplit, and Stephen Bear to name a few.

We at heat bloody love Big Brother, so naturally we're still interested – and it seems that two of its contestants can't get enough either, as they've got matching tattoos of the show's logo.

The two in question are Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge (WHO ARE NOW ENGAGED, BTW <3), and they showcased their new inkings on Instagram

Ryan got his ON HIS NECK. Has he learnt nothing from Chantelle Connelly? Who got her boyfriend's name tattooed in the same place only to be dumped two days later? STEER CLEAR OF THE NECK, GODAMNIT.

He captioned the pic: "It took me eight years to get into that Big Brother house but was always a dream for me to go on that show and what an amazing experience it was, met some amazing friends in that house and an amazing guy so thought why not get the big brother tattooed on me to remember the best summer of my life! thanks to @officialundergroundink #dublin."

And Hughie got his on (what looks like) his arm. Which is moderately more sensible.

He captioned it: "So I can reveal my big brother2016 eye tattoo .. I love it so vibrant in real life .. big brother was the most incredible experience of my life and I met some amazing friends for life and of course Ryan .. my amazing boyfriend and also the most amazing support from so many people which has led to so much and more to come . So I marked the best summer ever with this ... I LOVE IT @officialundergroundink"


The two announced their engagement via Twitter, posting: "FINALLY me and ryan can announce that we are officially ENGAGED! We are so happy and everythin feels right, huge hi five 2 the doubters [sic]"

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