Sam Thompson takes the mick out of Louise and her boyfriend with Instagram photo

Little brothers, eh

Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson's Instagram is a thing of beauty.

Her pictures look like they’ve come straight out of a travel brochure.

And thanks to her brother Sam, we now know why.

Louise Thompson and her personal trainer hunk of a boyfriend, Ryan Libbey, have been travelling around the world since before Christmas.

It's alright for some, eh.

You just can't beat getting away from it all – just the two of you relaxing on a beach.

Oh, and your professional photographer too.

And your little brother.

Her brother, Sam, is never shy of taking the mick out of Louise.

Remember when he posted a load of photos wearing her dresses?

No? Let us remind you.

And then Sam and his girlfriend – Tiffany Watson – tried to imitate a pose undertaken by Louise and Ryan with HILARIOUS consequences.

Hold on, we’re still laughing!

And now he has shared an Instagram story revealing the lengths Louise and Ryan have been going to, to get that perfect shot.

Yep, that’s right. She has a professional photographer with them on holiday ensuring that she gets the most instagrammable snaps.

We don’t blame you Louise. We would, if we could.


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