Sharon Osbourne spends £230K per year on her DOGS

You sure you're OK, Shazza?

Sharon Osbourne has set tongues wagging a LOT recently.

There was that time everyone thought she was drunk on the first of The X Factor live shows.

Despite comments from viewers saying that she reminded them of "the drunk girl you meet in the club toilet who tells you your [sic] pretty and uses your hairbrush," Sharon denied the rumours she was sloshed.

Then, last week she forgot the name of her contestant (Saara Aaalto, FYI), and we don't just mean a momentary mind blank. She literally had to ask Louis Walsh: "What's her name?"

It was all v awkward.

Shaz has denied claims she's not coping and a rep for the X Factor judge has blamed the "long flights" between her two jobs – The Talk in LA, and The X Factor in London – for her behaviour.

It seems Sharon is not alone on these long haul flights, as she apparently has the support of her two dogs, Bella and Rocky.

But these travel companions do not come cheap.

Unlike the rest of us slumming it in economy, Bella and Rocky travel in luxury and only fly first class, daahling.

The pampered pooches even have their own pet passports, which cost £400 each, to make travelling between America and the UK easier.

Apparently Sharon gets around the tight rules about pets travelling on board plains by claiming her pups are "emotional support animals," according to the MailOnline.

"Bella and Rocky provide a real sense of security and comfort, and are both perfectly happy at 36,000ft," a source added to the newspaper.

Travelling up to 16, 000 miles a week to honour her work comments on either side of the Atlantic, it is thought this furry support system sets Sharon back approximately £230,000 per year. YIKES.

Well, they are pretty cute.

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