Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell BACK ON AGAIN after spending Father's Day together without Caben-Albi?

The saga continues...

We haven't exactly been keeping count, but by our estimation this must be the 382942839 time Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have gotten back together... or have they?

The pair have been spotted together outside a London hotel after apparently not leaving their room for two days straight... that's a lot of making up they've done.

Despite Jeremy's supposed relapse since leaving rehab, Steph has reportedly forgiven his wrongdoings, claiming that she has faith in her baby daddy.

But of course the drama doesn't end there. Steph came under fire yesterday when she left Jeremy out of her Father’s Day message to her dad, with some claiming she was purposely snubbing Jeremy.

Never one to bite her tongue, she was quick to defend herself on Twitter stating:

"People saying I'm ignoring Jeremy on Father's Day,i would never use my son against his father. You don't kick someone when their down enough"

She then posted this for him...

Honestly, we're a bit confused about this whole situation. Judging from the fact they spent Father’s Day together (and there's pictures too) supposedly having been in the hotel for two days straight, wouldn't they have been together when she was tweeting about him?

If they had spent two days straight together, why did Steph post this Instagram yesterday...?

There's just SO MANY QUESTIONS. When will we know the truth??

We're just praying they get back together, Jeremy stays clean and they all live happily ever after. Don't put any bets on it though...


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